Who are GameFoxes?

We are a bunch of foxes, or more precisely a “leash” of foxes, who all happen to love gaming.

What’s with the website, why don’t you just game dudes?

While we love gaming we also believe in moderating the time we spend playing, however that doesn’t stop us from talking and writing about gaming the rest of the time, all of the time 🙂

We aim to share some tips and experience along our gaming journey.

Meet the leash

Fox Shark
Don’t let the name confuse you, he is definitely a fox, but erm he’s also a shark too.

Fox Vol
Vol as in volume, sound, noise, yep he is the loudest, please don’t ask him to prove it.

Fox Jnr
Can you guess why he’s called Junior?

Remember we are just a normal “skulk” of foxes with normal day jobs (thanks, we know we wont be giving up our day jobs) trying to get above average scores, so please forgive any mistakes we make, we are not cats you know, we don’t get 9 lives.

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