5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Hungry Shark Evolution

When I first started playing Ubisoft’s Hungry Shark Evolution I didn’t know what to do. Here are 5 tips I wish somebody had told me. Let me be your Hungry Shark Mentor.

1. Multiple sharks

That there was more than 1 sharks. Yes, you might know that now but at the start I didn’t. All you need to see the other sharks is swipe!

2. Secret map

Tucked away in the store at the end of a list is a map. The map allows you to find where you are going (duh its a map) which means you don’t get lost and a big shark nicks you and you expire.

3. Score stats

The statistics shows you everything that has happened in your game. It shows you how many points you have, the number of deaths, highest score, most eats, etc.

4. Boost power

Boost helps you go faster, if you have jetpacks as well then you fly in the sky. On iPad you press the screen with two fingers or on the Roku you press the Select button. Next time I will tell you about the Boost Bar.

5. Score Stats

The crab and the submarine are formidable opponents. The secret to beating them is above – use boost, it takes about 3 boosts to destroy a submarine and 5 for a crab. You were only see submarine if you have the Mako through Godzilla Shark. 

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